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by World Music November 10, 2022


Rough Guide to Africa

Read on to learn about some of the featured tracks, or scroll straight to the bottom to get stuck into the music!

This Rough Guide playlist takes the listener on a criss-crossing journey across the African continent, sponging up the most evocative music emanating from the great continent along the way.  

Featured albums

Anansy Cissé / Anoura: 'Foussa Foussa'

Although very much committed to pushing the envelope of Malian music, Anansy remains firmly grounded in traditional ways of life on tracks such as ‘Foussa Foussa’ where he reminisces to his daughter about the traditional festivities for young people that he knew as a child.



Lala Njava / Malagasy Blues Song: 'Soa Gnanay'

'Soa Gnanay' is the opening track of the album. It is a rich nostalgic tune, recalling the beauty of Lala's homeland and inviting people to visit it regardless of the bad portrayal it is sometimes given in the international media. The looping riff that opens the album sounds bare, almost desolate, but soon Lala's warm, enveloping voice swoops in to add a bright positive edge.



Sotho Sounds / Junk Funk: 'Ha Kele Monateng'

Junk Funk is Sotho Sounds debut album and perfectly captures the excitement and humorous bounce of their live performances. The eccentric band met whilst shepherding in the lofty hills of Lesotho, a landlocked enclave surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. Junk Funk is one of the first international recordings to come from Lesotho and is set to spread the unmistakeable Sotho Sounds worldwide. 'Ha Kele Monateng' translates as 'When I'm Happy' and is a bright, positive number with catchy call-and-response vocals.