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by World Music Network March 05, 2012


Samba Touré: Crocodile Blues New Video Release

Having been deemed as the new King of desert blues (Onze Wereld - Our World, Netherlands), Samba Touré has been warmly embraced in the world music scene. The release of his album on Riverboat Records with World Music Network Crocodile Blues(2011) received high critical acclaim.

From an early age, Samba Touré was surrounded by music; his mother was one of the first women to sing with the young Ali Farka Touré at the Biennale Festival in Mali. Samba Touré was highly influenced by the music of Ali Farka Touré, who was the first to perform the style now known as 'desert blues' to an international audience. At the end of the 90s, the two musicians collaborated in a European and UK tour. During this time, Samba Touré developed his own particular style of desert blues. By the time they returned to Mali, he was full of new influences. His music now contains particular influences including river Niger blues, traditional Songhai themes mixed together with Western influences. 

Baaba Maal, another musician acutely aware of the ongoing developments on the world music scene, was recently asked who he deemed to be the next 'big thing'. He states that Samba Touré 'takes the spirit of his namesake (Ali Farka Touré) into the 21st century. His album Crocodile Blues covers themes of family and moral standing, as a guide to the young.'

Here is a new video that has been recently released to celebrate the album - the video represents the melting pot of musical influences that Samba Touré is renowned for.