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by World Music Network April 10, 2013


Samba Touré: New Album Preview

Samba Touré’s new album Albala is to be released on 6 May .

Released under his own and newly formed label Glitterbeat Records, Samba Touré's third album Albala presents presents another leap forward for the Malian bluesman. 

Meaning 'danger’ or ‘risk’ in Songhai language, Touré's album expresses his feeling towards the cataclysmic situation in Northern Mali, in 2012, being globally reported. He communicates his apprehension of a world crashing around him by adding more gravity to his voice and his lyrics. The undertones of his musical arrangements are more complex and an extra string is added to his electric guitar. Touré takes more musical risks but still manage to compose powerful and meaningful songs.

As a band member and valued collaborator of the late Malian legend Ali Farka Touré, Samba established a significant reputation through his first two solo albums, Songhaï Blues: Homage To Ali Farka Touré and Crocodile Blues (World Music Network). His distinctive style, his confidence and musical prowess grew proportionately.This album is the result of years of musical experience.

Recorded at Studio Mali in Bamako in the autumn of 2012, Samba is joined by his regular band members Djimé Sissoko (ngoni) and Madou Sanogo (congas, djembe) and guests such as Zoumana Tereta, the legendary master of the soku (a one-stringed violin) and the fast-rising Malian neo-traditional singer Aminata Wassidje Traore. Additionally, Hugo Race (The Bad Seeds, Dirtmusic, Fatalists) contributes an array of subtle atmospherics on guitar and keyboards, with Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Dirtmusic) and Philippe Sammiguel in the producers' seats.

Listen to 'Be Ki Don' on the Soundcloud player.

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