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by World Music Network September 21, 2011


Samba Touré: 'Pullo' Dub Mix

pulloHere in the World Music Network office we've been bopping along to this dub mix of Samba Touré's 'Pullo', a track taken from his most recent release, Crocodile Blues. 'Pullo' was one of the first songs recorded for the album, and its reggae-style bassline lent itself so perfectly to a dub remix that this rendition was planned from the very beginning. 

With only two days in the studio, the original bassline was worked upon with added drums, rhythm guitar, keys and effects. The result is this lovely warm funkiness heard below - apparently Samba enjoys it so much he's got it on repeat in his car! 


Samba Toure: Pullo (Dub Mix) by World Music Network