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by World Music Network May 20, 2016


Santana Inspired By Nuru Kane’s ‘Çigil’ On Latest Album

Last month (15 April 2016) saw the long awaited, almost mythical follow up to Santana’s 1971 multi-platinum release Santana III expectedly titled IV.

The beauty of Santana IV is the fact that most of the original members from the Santana III/Woodstock-era reunited for this jam-packed sixteen track masterpiece. IV doesn’t shy away from exploring new territory to keep it sonically fresh but also relives those signature sounds that Santana’s band members can harness at will.

Tracks Freedom In Your Mind and Love Makes The World Go Round features guest vocalist Ronald Isley of the legendary R&B/soul outfit; The Isley Brothers.

The latter track in Isley’s set of features drew inspiration from World Music Network/Riverboat Records’ very own Senegalese singer/songwriter extraordinaire: Nuru Kane.

Nuru Kane migrated from Senegal to France in the mid-90s. From there his musical prowess surged to prominence culminating in a tour de forcedebut album; Sigil.

Sigil’s(in particular track: Çigil) success does not just draw the line as being just a source of inspiration/reference for Santana’s latest album IV and its track Love Makes the World Go Round but reached the credit-capped summits of the world stage by receiving a nomination for the prestigious BBC Radio 3 Newcomer Award back in 2007.

Since 2007 Nuru Kane has kept himself busy by releasing two more acclaimed albums (Number One Bus - 2010 and Exile - 2013) and most recently features as a writer on a track for the new Santana IV album.

Listen to the two tracks below: