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by World Music Network December 19, 2011


Spoek Mathambo Announces New Album

South African electro artist Spoek Mathambo makes the Afro-futurists look old school. With the arrival of his second album, 'Father Creeper', due for release on 13 March 2012 (Subpop), he’s one man building up an army to make his creative visions reality, rewriting any artistic laws in his way.

Mathambo has already created a buzz across the U.S. and Europe with his dark bass-heavy cover of 'Control' by the UK post-punk band Joy Division, and scored a minor underground hit with his single 'Mshini Wam' ('Bring Me My Machine'), a record which took his love affair with South African culture and his coined ‘’township tech’’ as a starting point.

To top things off, Mathambo also lays down some excellent artsy videos (see below), so there'll surely be more of them up his sleeve. 'Father Creeper' looks set to make a big impression on many different scenes, so 13 March is a date to remember!