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by World Music Network February 25, 2014


Support Ramzi Aburedwan's Fundraising Campaign

Ramzi Aburedwan, virtuoso of the bouzouk, oud and viola, is continuing to encourage children in Palestinian refugee camps to learn music. Having been raised in a refugee camp himself, the musician is aware of the daily struggles that these children face. The lack of space and opportunities for musical development, was one of the reasons for Ramzi Aburedwan to found Al Kamandjâti in Palestine in 2005. Since then, the music school has provided many musical opportunities for children in refugee camps.

TUG1061Ramzi Aburedwan - Reflections Of Palestine

Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, Ramzi Aburedwan only began to play music in his late teens and is now a world-class solo musician and leader of the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music. Enjoy the gentle sounds of Ramzi’s bouzouk, accompanied by oud, accordion and percussion on this evocative instrumental album.

'Reflections of Palestine mines the immense delight of its musical history and defies political borders' 5*****stars, New Internationalist

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Recently, Al Kamandjâti has launched a fundraising campaign:

'Al Kamandjâti resolution for this New Year will be to pursue its efforts in order to reach as many children and youth as possible and give them the opportunity to discover and learn music through our activities.'

Obviously, this would not be possible without any help. Here's how to get involved:

  • Support Al Kamandjâti online by liking their Facebook page, forwarding their emails and events to your networks.
  • Donate money to Al Kamandjâti. This can be done via their Palestinian or French bankaccount, or via their partner Alwan for the Arts in the USA (tax-exempt 501 (c) (3)).
  • Donate music instruments or materials.
  • Sponsor a student to learn music.
  • Donate your time by volunteering as a musician, administrator, logistician etc.
For more information, have a look here or email info[at]alkamandjati.org