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by World Music Network March 03, 2016


SXSW 2016: WOMEX Showcase

South By Southwest (SXSW) will return 11 March – 20 March 2016.  As per usual it will be including its Interactive, Film and Music components to the festival.

No SXSW comes without its dose of world music and for that you can rely on WOMEX; who will be showcasing a diverse range of artists in terms of genre as well as regions of the world, on Thursday, 17 March at the Flamingo Cantina.

The lineup has been cleverly crafted to seduce a broad range of audience’s ears. Expect to be treated to a plethora of; reggae/dub, folk, hip-hop, metal all the way to upbeat electro infused cumbia.

The artists performing the WOMEX showcase consist of:

A-Wa (Israel)
Three talented Yemenite sisters with hip-hop stylings that meld well into electro-pop.

Systema Solar (Colombia)
Audio/visual outfit that combine modern cumbia with electronic influences, upbeat and colourful performances.

Kalàscima (Italy)
Kalàscima own an alternative breed of folk music that is fast-paced and enthralling with breakdowns and builds that will leave you wanting more.

Jambinai (South Korea)
Jambinai specialise in using traditional instruments and guitars to create a unique hybrid of noise-metal, which is exhilarating and refreshing all at the same time.

Elida Almeida (Cabo Verde)
A broad yet soothing vocal range comes courtesy of Elida Almeida, it's entrancing and is a taste of what's to come from the young starlet.

Shaggydog (Indonesia)
Reggae/dub outfit that have the amazing ability to capitavate you with their uptempo brand of music.  Only leaving you with positive vibes while you begin to croon along to their songs.