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by World Music Network July 13, 2011


T-Music Range Now In Store

Designed by renowned Catalan artist, Xavier Salvador, the T-Music range is World Music Network's innovative selection of T-shirts featuring stylized musical instruments. 

You can take your pick from a variety of colours with beautiful images of the acoustic guitar, kora, piano, trumpet, banjo, bongos and sitar. Each design really captures the true essence of its instrument, and we've thrown in a free 30-track download album with every purchase. Get great style and great music for the reasonable price of just £11.99 – how can you resist? 

Click here to get yours today! 


 Banjo T-Shirt

Colour: Dark Blue
100% Cotton 

A dark blue background with brown and ochre coloured banjo design.


bongosBongos T-Shirt

Colour: Orange
100% CottonA rich orange background with bongos design.



koraKora T-Shirt 

Colour: Beige
100% Cotton

A natural beige background with brown and black kora design.


pianoPiano T-Shirt

Colour: Olive Green
100% Cotton

A deep olive green background with black and white piano design.  


 Acoustic Guitar T-Shirt

Colour: Light-Blue
100% Cotton

A light-blue background with guitar design.


trumpetTrumpet T-Shirt

Colour: Black
100% Cotton 

A black background with yellow trumpet design.


sitarSitar T-Shirt

Colour: Maroon
100% Cotton

A rich maroon background with sitar design.