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by World Music Network October 30, 2015


Ten Expected Highlights of 2015 Australian World Music Expo


Most people resist change. Not so Melbourne musician, impresario and raconteur Mojo Juju. Her debut solo release, covered a huge amount of rootsy ground, from blues to jazz, noir to soul. Mojo Juju’s latest release, her second solo album, Seeing Red / Feeling Blue, carries on in the only fashion she knows how – differently. The album takes on an electronic element, elements of RnB, soul and blues, Mojo Juju’s voice strong and commanding, sometimes crooning, other times almost rapping with the beat, slipping between the two with consummate ease.

Mojo Juju will showcase at Max Watts on Thursday November 12 with Emma Donovan & the PutBacksQuarter Street and The Seven Ups

2. CONFERENCE SEMINAR - Bluesfest & Boomerang Festivals

Bluesfest is a multiple award-winning Australian music festival and an important date on the festival calendar. Bluesfest Marketing and Touring Manager Rusty Thorpe and Rhoda Roberts, Director of Boomerang Festival discuss the latest addition to the event as well covering programming, marketing, sideshow touring and support slot opportunities.

Rhoda Roberts - Director, Boomerang Festival.
Rusty Thorpe - Manager Marketing and Touring, Bluesfest.  

This seminar will run Saturday 14th November, 2015,
3:40- 4:30pm, @Amcor Lounge, Arts Centre Melbourne Australia.

3. LIVE ARTIST PERFORMANCE - Emma Donovan & The PutBacks

Acclaimed indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne rhythm combo The PutBacks come together to bring you Dawn – an LP of hard-hitting and heartfelt soul – a gritty, uniquely Australian record, simultaneously classic and contemporary. The songwriting is in turns optimistic, angry and melancholic; the music fluid, live and raw. Recorded in one room, on eight channels of analogue tape with an electric connection between Emma and the band in every beat.

Emma Donovan & the PutBacks will showcase at Max Watts on Thursday November 12 with Mojo JujuQuarter Street and The Seven Ups.

4. CONFERENCE SEMINAR - Touring Internationally

Presented by Sounds Australia and AWME. Each region holds their own unique set of industry standards, lingo and idiosyncrasies. Experienced bookers and promoters discuss the challenges of touring these regions and outline strategies for national, regional and local marketing to help you find your audience, build a touring circuit and connect with the industry – all the foundations you need for a successful international career.

Millie Milgate - Executive Producer, Sounds Australia

Karen A. Fischer - President, Pasifika Artists Network, Hawaii USA
Grant Paley - Agent, Paquin Artist Agency, Canada
Karl Morse - Agent, The Windish Agency, USA
Cushla Aston - Artist Mangagement, Aston Rd, New Zealand 

This seminar will run Saturday 14th November, 2015, 
2:50- 3:40pm, @Lower PLayhouse Foyer, Arts Centre Melbourne Australia.

5. LIVE ARTIST PERFORMANCE - Henry Wagons & The Only Children 

Henry Wagons is a true renaissance man, with a unique swagger reminiscent of a day when front men gave back bucket loads of charm and were shrouded in enigmatic mystery. Unanimously lauded as one of Australia’s great entertainers, a Henry Wagons show is a true sight to behold, be it alone with his guitar, or with his floorboard-fracturing band.

His latest body of work was tracked in Nashville under the watchful eye of producer Skylar Wilson and is due out early 2016.

Henry Wagons will showcase at Max Watts on Friday November 13, with Cash Savage & the Last DrinksRuby BootsRaised By Eagles + DJ’s.


From the first few notes, it sounds like the real thing. Piano and bass riff hard. Percussion enters. The trombones come in thick and strong. Fantasia, the first song on Quarter Street’s self-titled LP is authentic ‘salsa dura’ from the old school. It’s tough, it’s gritty and in terms of musicianship, writing and production, it straight up cooks.

Quarter Street takes you back to the heart of classic salsa, inspired by the passion of salsa luminaries.

Quarter Street will showcase at Max Watts on Thursday November 12 with Mojo JujuEmma Donovan & the PutBacks and The Seven Ups.


This father/ daughter duo deliver a journey into the heartbeat of Australia’s centre filled with tales of life and history from the Indigenous Mudburra people’s homeland. Expressed through a crafty blend of genres including pop, country, rock and reggae and presented in a mix of both Mudburra and English language, their engaging, eclectic style appeals to a wide audience.

Rayella will showcase with Kutcha Edwards and Tolka at Shebeen on Fri 13 November.


In order to stay afloat in a swiftly shifting music industry, it’s crucial to have a sound knowledge of the varying online and offline media markets, global trends and constant changes. We chat to a few leaders on how to ensure your message is heard and seen. What are the options to market your live performance and/or merchandise/brand creatively to assist in raising your profile as well as income stream opportunities?

Alice Keath - Presenter/Producer, The LIve Set, ABC Radio National

Sarah Guppy - CVP/Speaker TV/This Much Talent
Mark Lang - Artist, Skilling Girl Vinegar
Cara Williams - Music Editor, Beat Magazine 

This seminar will run Friday 13th November, 2015, 
11:00- 11:50am, @Lower PLayhouse Foyer, Arts Centre Melbourne Australia.

9. CONFERENCE SEMINAR - Making Great Recordings

While the business model for recordings is under challenge, a good recording is arguably more important than ever. What makes a great recording, how do you do it and what are the taste-makers looking for?

Paul Mason - Director Music, Australia Council for the Arts

Craig Pilkington - Producer, Audrey Studios
Sarah Howells - Presenter, Triple J
Nicky Bomba - Artist 

This seminar will run Friday 13th November, 2015, 
3:50- 4:40pm, @Lower PLayhouse Foyer, Arts Centre Melbourne Australia.


New generation Indigenous Australian artist Yirrmal, from North-East Arnhem Land, is making an exciting entrance into the music scene. Inspired by heroes Yothu Yindi, Yirrmal is a refreshing singer- songwriter, fusing tradition and contemporary with class and passion. Performing as a solo artist, and with group Yirrmal & The Yolngu Boys.

Yirrmal Marika, a young Yolngu man from the community of Yirrkala, is an aspiring songwriter and guitarist with a beautifully powerful voice, singing songs about his homeland and culture with feeling and depth beyond his years.

Yirrmal will showcase at the Toff in Town on Thursday 12 November with HOWQUA + Anna O.