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by World Music Network March 18, 2011


The Cecil Sharp Project

Eight artists, one house, one brief. The Cecil Sharp Project will bring together eight key players from the UK folk scene to create new music that has ‘relevance and resonance’ with the work of the English folk collector, Cecil Sharp.  The artists are invited to particularly explore the diaries made by Cecil Sharp on his song-collecting travels through the Appalachian mountains of  North American over the period 1915-18.

The assembled musicians include expert melodean player Andy Cutting, UK folk darling Jackie Oates, clawhammer banjo player Leonard Podolak and succesful singer-songwriter Jim Moray. An exciting array of folk officianados who could produce some truly original and fresh folk.

The artists will perform the no doubt juicy fruits of their labour at the Theatre Severn in Shrewbury on March 24. Next the troupe will relocate to Camden’s charming Cecil Sharp House, the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, for performances on March 26th and 27th. An exciting project which promises to breath new life in to the contemporay folk scene.