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by World Music Network February 04, 2020


The first round of new releases for 2020 are here!

We are so pleased to kick 2020 off with the addition of these wonderful albums.

Voices Of The Sani

Hailing from the Yunnan province in Southwest China, Manhu are guardians of an ancient but living musical tradition. From raucous drinking songs to haunting ballads, Voices Of The Sani gives a unique insight into the music of the little-understood Sani culture.


The Rough Guide To Blues Divas - LP now available!

The 1920s “classic era” of recorded blues was dominated by women who lived and performed in the cities. This Rough Guide explores its glitzy heyday when singers such as Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey became the first real stars of the blues.


The Rough Guide To The Roots Of Country Music - LP now available!

From the pioneering string bands and old-time banjo maestros to country music’s first superstar Jimmie Rodgers, this Rough Guide features many of the trailblazing artists who paved the way for the country music explosion to come.