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by World Music Network October 31, 2011


The Rough Guide To Classical Composers Series

Today marks the release of three Rough Guides from an exciting brand new series from the World Music Network - The Rough Guide To Classical Composers. Produced in association with the respected British classical label Hyperion Records, these debut classical Rough Guides offer a refreshing overview of the works of three of the most influential composers ever to have lived - J.S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Compiled by award-winning classical radio broadcaster Albert Hosp, these Rough Guides depart from the familiar ‘best of’ approach to explore the myriad faces of the composers' work, while the bonus discs (material supplied by Hyperion) invites the listener to discover in greater depth one vital aspect of their music. As a result, these Rough Guides are ideal for the complete beginner, yet also suggest new avenues for the seasoned listener. Take your pick (or choose all three) from this fantastic trio!

bachThe Rough Guide To Classical Composers: J.S. Bach

Bach is arguably the most influential composer ever to have lived; his music is renowned for intricate polyphonic textures, poetic melody lines and thrusting terraced dynamics. This Rough Guide showcases Bach’s inimitable genius in all its forms and includes a bonus disc performed by the world-renowned pianist Angela Hewitt. 


mozartThe Rough Guide To Classical Composers: Mozart 

Mozart stands at the head of the classical music canon. His simple and delicate style conveys emotion with an artistic sensitivity that has never been matched. This Rough Guide presents a perfectly balanced selection of some of the composer’s most beautiful works.

 The bonus disc includes an album of Mozart String Quintets played by the respected Salomon Quartetwith Simon Whistler (viola).

beethovenThe Rough Guide To Classical Composers: Beethoven

A composer of intense passion and power, Beethoven set the standard for others to follow. His symphonies, sonatas, concertos and other works completely revolutionized the history of music.

The bonus album features the composer’s Mass in C Major, Op. 86 performed by the Corydon Orchestra and Singers, and conducted by Matthew Best.