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by World Music Network October 22, 2019


The World Music Expo

The biggest conference of the global music scene is about to take place and Romano Drom will be performing!

WOMEX is the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and a showcase festival. This year, all the fun is taking place in Tampere, Finland. 

Its musical spectrum is unparalleled in the international showcase festival scene, ranging from the most traditional to the new global local underground, embracing folk, roots, local and diaspora cultures and urban and electronic sounds from all over the globe as well as all musical juxtapositions of these. Jazz and classical are explicitly welcome!

We are so pleased and proud to annouce that our very own Riverboat Records band, Romano Drom will be performing at this iconic event!

If you're attending, you must mark down their set times and catch this incredible Hungarian band live. The band’s music is characterised by an energy and heartfelt integrity that will make it impossible to just walk on past. 

WOMEX Programme

If we've built up the excitement and you're feeling spontaneous - There are still tickets available for WOMEX in Finland! 

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