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by World Music Network February 11, 2014


Video Preview of New Album By Boris Kovac & La Campanella

World Music Network is looking forward to 24 February when Eastern Moon Rising, the latest album by Boris Kova? & La Campanella, will be released on WMN's WOMEX award-winning label, Riverboat Records. 

The video below is of a live performance of Boris Kova? & La Campanella in Belgrade. The show features nearly all tracks from the forthcoming album. 

Decked out in ‘Blues Brothers’ shades and a shocking pink suit Boris Kova? holds his saxophone tight to his chest and cuts an elusive figure on stage. Creeping, crawling melodies emanate from the bell of his instrument, his shape-shifting horn side-winding in parallel with bandmate Goran’s gymnastic accordion lines. A light jazz touch on the drums in tandem with resonant double bass and guitar voicing propels each tune along.

Boris was born in Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia, which lies nestled in the crook of the River Danube’s S-shaped meander. His work as a back-bendingly flexible artist has seen him take to the stage as composer, instrumentalist, multimedia artist and theatre collaborator.


Boris Kova? & La Campanella - Eastern Moon Rising

In the half-light of an Eastern Moon Rising, Boris Kova? welcomes you with a beating jazz heart to a place where the East and West converge, freeing the musical soul to roam.

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