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by World Music Network July 16, 2019


We have a sneak peak of Hope Masike's debut international solo album!

Hope Masike is a pioneering singer from Zimbabwe who plays the historically male-dominated mbira (thumb piano). The Exorcism Of A Spinster, her debut solo international release, sees Hope speak from the heart about the country that she loves and the changing roles of women.

In anticipation for her album release happening at the end of this month, Hope has released her single 'Idenga'. She describes this track as "a celebration of the heaven that is our love when it's just you and me".

To help build excitement, watch the offical video for Idenga:

If you like what you just heard, the full album will be released on July 26th and is available to pre-order via our website right now!

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A Little About 'The Exorcism Of A Spinster'

This album doesn't seek to answer any questions; instead, it interrogates. I hope with this music we all learn more about each other and foster tolerance more than judgement. From songs like the opening track 'Gomba', that speaks to the preservation of my African heritage handed to us by our ancestors; to the title track, 'Exorcism Of A Spinster' which, very generally, narrates an exorcism done in Harare, the album represents a type of young African woman floating somewhere in between her dreams and the natural urge to fit in.