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by World Music Network December 17, 2015


WMN's 2015 Top Releases

As 2015 draws to an end, World Music Network is taking time to reflect over our top releases. Here is a hand-picked selection of our acclaimed new releases from this year. Enjoy!

'The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Samba'

 Chameleon-like Brazilian samba absorbed psychedelic influences from the 1960s onwards.


'Lost in Mali'

Keeping an ear to the ground for today’s Malian sounds, these tunes were specially recorded for this release and feature inspirational new artists yet to be heard outside their homeland.


'The Rough Guide To Latin Disco'

From its underground roots in the nightclubs of New York, disco music had strong connections with the Latino community. The irresistible influence of salsa and Latin percussion permeates this selection, which features many of the legendary artists of the 1970s disco heyday as well as the new wave of Latin disco inspired bands.


'The Rough Guide To The Best Arabic Music You've Never Heard'

This collection of original fresh talent from across the Arab world is selected exclusively from artists entering World Music Network’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition. From the driving grooves of Algerian jazz-head Anis Benhallak to the instrumental oud and violin delights of Al Andalus Ensemble, check out the latest sounds of the Arabic speaking world.


'The Rough Guide To African Rare Groove'

From bright Nigerian highlife horns to Ethiopian fuzz-tone guitar riffs, this Rough Guide presents a broad selection of rare African dance grooves. Hard to find but easy to dance to.


'The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Salsa'

This Rough Guide explores the heady influence of psychedelia on salsa, from the fuzzy tropical guitars of the sixties and seventies to today’s cutting edge bands experimenting with weird & wonderful psychedelic sounds.


'John Renbourn - The Attic Tapes'

'a rich tribute to Renbourn’s dazzlingly intricate style and wry character' 4**** stars, The Observer


'The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove (Vol. 2)'

This Rough Guide offers another treasure chest of golden nuggets from the Latin Rare Groove mother lode. Glittering delights range from Ray Pérez’s Venezuelan combo Los Kenya to the retro-funk sounds of The New Mastersounds and a previously unreleased gem by NYC salsa orchestra Conjunto Alayon featuring a young Jimmy Bosch.


'The Rough Guide To Country Blues'

This album brings to the fore classic early blues masterpieces that deserve to be heard and allows the limelight to fall on some of the lesser-known country blues masters. Essential listening for any blues connoisseur, this is an adventure into some of the more hidden recesses of country blues.

'The Rough Guide To Calypso Gold'

The anthology of the best calypso from Trinidad from rare early recordings up to the zenith of the 1950s calypso craze. From the 1920s legendary string orchestras through the forties with the emergence of King Radio, to the worldwide recognition of calypso in the fifties with Lord Pretender, and the legends Lord Kitchener and The Mighty Bomber, The Rough Guide To Calypso Gold delivers a taste of real calypso. 


'The Rough Guide To Blues Songsters'

Before there was the bluesman there was the songster. Priding themselves on their huge musical repertoires, they performed every form of popular music of the day and could be described as the human jukeboxes of their time.


'The Rough Guide To East Coast Blues'

Undoubtedly the most varied and fun loving form of country blues, the East Coast blues was influenced by the ragtime traditions of the early twentieth century and pioneered by some of the greatest blues guitarists that ever lived.

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