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by World Music Network December 06, 2013


World Music Network: Best Sellers 2013 & Christmas Deals

With the end of the year fast approaching, is there a better time to look back on this year's highlights? For World Music Network, winning the Womex Label Award 2013 has been a fantastic moment, but we're also very proud of our best-selling albums!

Did you know that these bestsellers and chart-topping albums are all included in our gift subscriptions? Now, wouldn't that make for a lovely Christmas present? Or how about a CD or digital subscription, with a free trial? You've read it correctly: free albums in your first month!

Please note: All UK orders are now being sent by 1st class post. Although we could post orders on 23 and 24 December, to be sure that your music will arrive before Christmas, please order before Friday 20 December.
Since there is no shipping involved in digital albums you can buy these right up to Christmas day, making WMN Digital Gift Subscriptions a great last minute gift!

To make the festive season more musical, less chaotic and a little more affordable, here's an overview of all our current deals:

First month free trial CD & digital subscription

Gift subscription: Free copy of 'The Village' (Monoswezi) for recipient & purchaser

1/2 price sale on all Riverboat Releases

25% off on all orders over £25

And should you need a bit more musical inspiration for your Christmas shopping, have a look at our 2013 bestsellers...

 Riverboat Records/World Music Network 'is exemplary in releasing new artists', Songlines

Best-selling Releases Of 2013




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