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by World Music December 05, 2022


World Music

The Rough Guide To World Music Today playlist highlights the best of today’s world music scene and is guaranteed to introduce you to some of the best sounds you’ve never heard.

Featured Albums

 Monoswezi / Shanu: 'Woshanda'

By its very nature Monoswezi is a musical collective in a perpetual state of evolution, and Shanu charts the incorporation of new electronic elements into the band’s trademark Afro-Nordic soundscape.

Salve to the ears of those tired of cosmetic “world fusion” bands, Monoswezi plunge across international waters to meld a meeting of musics that is well thought out, well executed and an audio pleasure to be devoured.


 Itzhak Ventura / Aligned: 'Pendulum'

After many years of study with master musicians around the world, Itzhak Ventura explores the sound of the ney (Middle Eastern end-blown reed flute) as part of his contemporary quartet.

Bringing a fresh perspective to the sound of the ancient ney flute, Itzhak Ventura's stunning dance-like melody in this track echos the swinging of a pendulum.


 Anouar Kaddour Cherif / Djawla: 'Call of the Night'

 Armed with his beloved mandole, Anouar Kaddour Cherif draws on his Algerian musical roots within a contemporary jazz setting. From heartfelt pieces reflecting his life in exile to animal-inspired spiritual tales, this is a sublime collection of Arabic jazz-tinged compositions.