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Subhasis Bhattacharya


Released 26 October 2018

One of the world’s foremost tabla players, Subhasis Bhattacharya has performed and recorded with his brother Debashish on many classic albums including the Grammy nominated Calcutta Chronicles. On Tablananda, his first international collaboration, Subhasis assembles an incredible line-up of musicians to produce a visionary album that showcases his incredible creativity.


Track List

01. Valley Of Brothers  04:51    
02. Krishna Naam  07:47        
03. Oye Adamu  05:50
04. Rubáiyát Blues  05:17
05. Descendants  05:20
06. Mahamantra  06:52
07. Senegalese Impulse  04:38
08. Kirtan Pilgrimage  06:16
09. Deep Water Syllables  04:54
10. Blood Of Two Oceans  03:49
11. Monsoon  05:23
12. Kishor Memory  04:55
13. Vuly’s Dance  06:19   

Tablananda shows a truly modern approach to tradition deeply influenced by other musical genres and features the wizardry of his brother Debashish on the chaturangui 22 string guitar, Asher lap steel and electric guitar. From deep, familial roots and ancient musical traditions this music blossoms in new, unexpected ways, as it blends Indian classical music with jazz, bollywood, folk, world music and beyond.

Belonging to the illustrious Bhattacharya musical lineage, Subhasis has performed and recorded with many legendary musicians including Asha Bhosle, John McLaughlin, Ajoy Chakrabarty and Jerry Douglas, and has composed music for many contemporary Indian albums as well as numerous films and TV serials. As well as being a tabla virtuoso, Subhasis is a master performer on a variety of other percussion instruments including the mridangam and djembe which he uses to create beautiful rhythmic landscapes throughout the album.

‘13 delightfully unpredictable tracks’


On Tablananda, Subhasis draws on his myriad musical influences and produces an album which reflects his truly universal outlook, from his Hindustani classical roots through to his experimentation with African rhythms. This boundary pushing approach is a result of performing with his brother Debashish on the global stage for many years, which has given him exposure to so many different musical cultures.

With the help of other stellar musicians, Subhasis has created a seamless album which one-minute plumbs the depths of traditional Indian music on beautiful tracks such as ‘Descendants’, ‘Mahamantra’ and ‘Krishna Naam’ before breaking into an infectious celebration of afrobeat on ‘Oye Adamu’ and furiously dueling tabla, djembe and sabar drums on the high-speed train of improvisation that is ‘Senegalese Impulse’. Other highlights include ‘Kishore Memory’, a tribute to the legendary Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar, whose music was a soundtrack to much of Subhasis’ childhood, as well as the stunning opener ‘Valley Of Brothers’, an innovative work co-composed by the brothers Bhattacharya, which features Debashish’s pioneering slide-guitar virtuosity.

Recorded and produced by Daniel Shane Thomas in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains, this album marks the rise to prominence of a unique musical talent whose musical vision is realized through these 13 sublime tracks in a celebration of the principles which bind all musicians and music.