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Riverboat Records


Trio Tekke


Released 24 April 2020

Strovilos is a whirlwind. By definition, the Greek word is used to describe a ‘twister’ or whirlwind, but it also takes on the non-literal sense of something unsettled, shifting, a restless person, being airborne.


Track List

01 Tempest Of The Dawn  03:50
02 On The Street  04:08
03 Rotten Luck  04:38
04 I Erase The Day  04:30
05 Whirlwind  05:50
06 The First day  04:08
07 Breathless Shriek  03:50
08 Shooting Star  04:11
09 Karmic  03:56
10 Electric Sighs  04:45

Trio Tekke is diving into the new decade with their fourth release, and their first release on the Riverboat Records label. The band was born in late 2005 in London and has since been breathing new life into the rembetiko music genre, pioneering a sound and pushing boundaries with each release. Drawing inspiration from the culture of rembetiko and bringing its way of expression into the 21st century, the band has integrated South American sounds, love stories and soundscapes inspired by their travels and performances around the world in their musical journey over the last 15 years.

Joining forces with drummer Dave De Rose (Moloko, Mulatu Astatke, Rokia Traore) for their previous release Zivo, Antonis Antoniou (vocals, tzouras), Lefteris Moumtzis (guitar, vocals) and Colin Somervell (bass) stepped into new sonic territories with amplified instruments, sound processing and by adding groove to their compositions, accenting the rhythmic and stylistic subtleties that already existed in their style of arrangement.

With their new, most coherent effort to date, Trio Tekke go a step further, with 10 original compositions that expand the sonic pallet they have been forging in their last 3 albums. Decidedly louder and bolder, at times joyous and sombre, energetic and contemplative. The album, recorded in London, with additional recording in Nicosia and Athens also features three guest vocalists, who have each left their mark on the Greek folk sound of the last two decades with their voices: renowned guitarist and vocalist Dimitris Mystakidis, an ambassador of today's rembetiko; Fotis Siotas, an innovative violinist and songwriter; and Yiannis Dionysiou, a strong new voice on the scene whose sound has strong echoes of Stelios Kazantzidis. Each of them takes a song on Strovilos, elevating the trio's compositions to new heights.