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by World Music Network February 03, 2020


20% Off Our Entire Collection + A Free Brexit Blues CD

In the face of a sombre decision, we've decided to give you 20% off our entire music catalogue so you can celebrate Europe and all the incredible music it has to offer.

How it works

At checkout, enter the discount code BREXIT20 and your 20% discount will be applied to your entire basket. 

We will automatically send you your Brexit Blues CD with your order so no need to worry about this!



  • The 20% discount doesn't apply to subscription packages

  • You won't receive a free Brexit Blues CD if you only purchase digital music



Brexit Blues CD

Produced by Riverboat Records, this album offers a light-hearted yet poignant collection of folk, roots and blues music from across Europe, lamenting a decision that confounds those of us who openly welcome our neighbours and celebrate cultural diversity.