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by World Music Network January 22, 2020


Pre-order Manhu's latest album 'Voices of the Sani'

Hailing from the Yunnan province in Southwest China, Manhu, the guardians of an ancient but living musical tradition are here to grace us with their rich international debut album.


The excitement is building for the release of Manhu's debut international album. 

The opening track from Voices of the Sani is an uplifting traditional song from the Laluo Yi people of Weishan, Dali region, which is based on honouring guests as food is served. Typically, the food would be brought into the room balanced on the heads of the performers. The lyrics encourage listeners to ‘Drink wherever there is wine, sleep wherever there’s a bed.’ Enjoyment of the consumption of ‘moonshine’, high strength distilled liquor, is common to all Yi people and indeed to all of Yunnan’s ethnic groups. 

Give 'Banquet Dance' a listen below:


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