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by World Music November 29, 2022


Around the World in 80 Tracks

A whistle-stop musical tour of the globe, which seamlessly brings together the diverse sounds from cultures far and wide.

Featured Albums

Aliaksandr Yasinski / Hlybini: 'Song of the Old Hurdy-Gurdy'

In this album, Aliaksandr invites the listener on his musical journey which he describes as an “adventure through Belarus and other countries, through storm and calmness, light and dark, tragedy and happiness - but always sincerely, with an open heart.”


 Slavo Rican Assembly / Intercosmic: 'Vamp Song'


The band’s genre-evading approach is epitomized in ‘Vamp song’, with its simple repetitive melody in perfect unison with the contrasting nature of the polyrhythmic drums and percussion parts underneath. Jan says that this is a “song meant for healing of any kind”, where the harmonic-major, light-dark nature of the mantra-like repetitive melody is reflecting optimism in hard times. The song’s message is then reinforced by a profound spoken word from none other than the great Jiddu Krishnamurti.


Debashish Bhattacharya / Slide Guitar Ragas From Dusk Till Dawn: 'Vasundhara (Mother Earth)'

'Vasundhara (Mother Earth)' breaks the dawn and rejoices in the coming of morning. Debashish opens with a boldly bluesy leitmotif. This track eschews the more meditative mood heard prior and launches headfirst into tight driving rhythmic propulsion. The textural contrast alludes to the sense of urgency at the start of a new day. As well as the Hawaiian influence, Debashish's previous work with Latin musicians resonates here the dramatic instrumental interplay raises thoughts of flourishing flamenco guitar licks. Debashish dedicates this track to 'Mother Earth' and it is his peon to the environment, a cause for which he passionately campaigns.