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by World Music Network May 14, 2020


Around The World In Isolation - Let's explore Africa

Music and travel go hand in hand, and during these difficult times of lockdown throughout the world one is having to learn to experience these once taken for granted enjoyments from the confinement of one’s home.

These 20 tracks have been drawn from our widely acclaimed Riverboat and Introducing catalogues and offer a wonderful musical taster to some of Africa’s most beautiful and diverse cultures. Following on from our recent Asian selection, this is the second of five playlists which focus on a different continent each week. In these difficult times of isolation, let the music take you on a criss-crossing journey across the African continent, sponging up the most evocative music emanating from the great continent along the way. Enjoy the rich desert blues of Etran Finatawa, the Baye Fall Gnawa of Nuru Kane, the masakanda magic of Shiyani Ncgobo, and the Mozambican melodies of Dilon Djindji.

In line with our label ethos, this playlist promotes deeper understanding of musical traditions and global cultures and is testament to our continued commitment to releasing lesser-known artists from places often under-represented in the Western market.

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