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by World Music Network May 22, 2020


Join us for a tour around Europe

Music and travel go hand in hand, and during these difficult times of lockdown throughout the world one is having to learn to experience these once taken for granted enjoyments from the confinement of one’s home.

In line with our label ethos, this playlist promotes deeper understanding of musical traditions and global cultures and is testament to our continued commitment to releasing lesser-known artists from places often under-represented in the Western market.

From the avant-garde folk/jazz of Poland’s Chłopcy Kontra Basia and Serbia’s ‘King of Apocalyptical Cabaret’Boris Kovač to the Flamenco-tinged sounds of Spain’s Javier Ruibal and the late Benjamin Escoriza, the music of Europe is as diverse as the geography it represents. In a continent that has been divided by linguistically defined political borders Europe’s musical language is universal. These two dozen tracks have been drawn from our widely acclaimed Riverboat and Introducing catalogues and showcase some of today’s artists who preserve valuable European traditions whilst enabling the music to evolve in new and unexpected ways.

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