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by World Music Network July 16, 2012


New Releases: Introducing Tárkány-Müvek & The Rough Guide to B.B. King

Today sees the release of two new World Music Network albums; IntroducingTárkány-Müvek is Tárkány-Müvek's first international album and consists of a mix between Hungarian folk, classical music and avant-garde Jazz. The Rough Guide to Blues Legends: B.B King: Birth Of A Legend is a carefuly compiled taster of the legend's work, which is proudly added to World Music Network's Rough Guide series of Jazz & Blues legends. 

Both of these new releases are available with the subscription to World Music Network or can be enjoyed as a one-off!

As mentioned, IntroducingTárkány-Müvek consists of elements from different styles; the energy of traditional Takarny MuvekHungarian folk, the intellectual rigour of classical music, and the depth of avant-garde jazz and poetry. Budapest-based Tárkány-Müvek, is led by Tárkány-Kovács, one of Hungary's greatest cimbalom players who started to play this hammered dulcimer at the early age of seven. Recently he was a key role in the 'urban folk' movement, or táncház.

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The sounds of his cimbalom are joined by the deeply expressive voice of Juliana Paár singing tales of love, Gerg? Kováts' various reed- and wood wind instruments, Enddre Pap on classical and transylvanian viola and András Bognár on double bass. Add poetic lyrics and influences from a diversity of artists such as Bartók, John Coltraine, Toni Iodach and Dr. Dre, and the result is a well-crafted, highly creative, intellectual and modern musical style that reflects contemporary Hungarian culture.

Stream the opening track of the album below ‘Csípd + (Bite It)’, a racing cimbalom led number, with a humourous sax solo that takes centre-stage mid-way.

Here is a live performance of Nyisd Ki Babám (Open Up Baby), one of the tracks on the album.

The focus of The Rough Guide to Blues Legends: B.B. King: Birth Of A Legend  is on B.B. King's early years which were crucial to the birth of this blues legend. Lovingly remastered, this Rough Guide offers the chance to hear B.B. King in never before heard quality. 

This special compilation has been created by renowned blues author Nigel Williamson and consists of hits such as 'The Woman I Love' , 'Ten Young Years' and 'Everyday I Have The Blues'. Along with other tracks, the music will transport you to the start ofB.B. King's career.

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What's more, the album comes with a bonus album The Rough Guide To Original Bluesmenwhich features artists all linked to the B.B. King's story in some way. Listen out for the gutsy strains of his famous mentor and cousin Bukka White, the swinging sounds of his contemporary Bobby “Blue” Bland, and the hot harmonica of legend Sonny Boy Williamson.

Now in his eighties, B.B. King still performs; he is one of the longest-reigning blues monarchs in history. Armed with his favourite Gibson guitar affectionately name ‘Lucille’, he has developed a truly unique guitar style. Thick left-hand vibrato, intense string bends and understated phrasing are perfectly mixed with his deep, booming voice. 

In the clip below see the legend iperform 'Every Day I Have The Blues' live. The song features on The Rough Guide to Blues Legends: B.B. King: Birth Of A Legend.